Board of Directors

Our board of directors are all volunteers.  We do not have any paid employees.  Also our hub receives no special government or other subsidized funding. 100% of our operations happens through donations from individuals and corporations.


Randy Kimpton President
Karla Shaw Vice President
Jane McCourt Secretary
Reta Vomela Treasurer
Alice Salzman Guardian Coordinator
Brian Fay Board Member
Macey Kimpton Veteran Coordinator
Ron and Lynda Travis Founders/Board Member
Chuck Szopa Board Member

Frequently asked questions

Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions our hub receives.

Yes. Each veteran is required to have a guardian.  The guardian is typically someone a generation younger than the veteran.  They can be a son, daughter, grandchild (over 18) or good friend.  Spouses are not allowed to be a guardian (see other FAQ on this topic).

If a veteran is unable to provide a guardian, our hub will be delighted to provide a volunteer guardian for the veteran - at no cost to them.

Our trip is a 5 day trip.  It starts on Tuesday and we return on Saturday.  You'll need to pack for 4 overnight stays and 5 total days.

Each of our trips will typically include 23 veterans.  The trip has a total of 50 people consisting of veterans, guardians and board volunteers to safely and successfully execute the 5 day trip.

Unfortunately no.  A long standing policy of Honor Flight is that the spouse may not be the guardian.  There are a number of reasons why and we are happy to discuss, but a veterans guardian can be a friend or family member typically a generation younger.  There are a number of duties that the guardian is required to assist with on the trip and good health and strength is just one of many reasons.

Veterans who have honorably served in any branch of service (including Alaska Territorial Guard) during any period of war, conflict or peace time.  At this time we are concentrating on WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars.    Also terminally ill veterans serving during any era.  Regardless of time era a terminal veteran has served, they receive top priority.    The trip is FREE to all eligible veterans. 

A national organization whose mission is to transport America’s veterans to Washington, DC to visit the memorials dedicated to those who have served and sacrificed for our country.  There are approximately 130 hubs around the United States.  The Last Frontier Honor Flight is the Honor Flight Hub here in Alaska, serving our veterans here.  You can learn more about the national program and other hub locations at:

If a veteran is unable to provide a guardian, our hub will be delighted to provide a volunteer guardian for the veteran - at no cost to them.  They will be appropriately paired so the veteran has a fantastic experience.